Thursday, 22 March 2018

More Thoughts from March Meeting

We all know that unused stash breeds in dark corners and when we come to look at it we have masses of "what can I do with this" yarn. The same applies to our group and this was the day it all came out for a serious look and think session. Several members took some home with a project in mind but much remained.
One suggestion was that members should each take some home and weave fabric for re-useable shopping bags. Chris's rag weave bag was pounced on as  suitable size and shape, and also someone's fabric bag was a good example.

Of course, supermarket bags have ideal dimensions as well. It will be interesting to see what follow-up there is to this discussion.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

March 2018 Meeting

Here, in all its glory, is the scarf made from the warp painting done at the February meeting. Joan separated the two warps into several sections and alternated them across the width of the scarf. She used a fine brown weft. What a glorious result. The fringes are still to be dealt with and there was considerable discussion about how this would be done.

There were very few items for Show and Tell this time but here is a cheerful hanging with oodles of colour and texture from Rosemary.

 Chris has been working on collapse weave with differential shrinkage. Here is her scarf in the "before washing" state. Watch this space for the "after."

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Warp Painting Demo

Joan is suitably kitted out and has the scene prepared

From her trusty supply of basic dyes, Joan has prepared the colours

Note the "brush". It is made of foam.

Chris is co-opted to paint one of the warps. This one is hand spun.

Win and Nancy look on, checking on the technique

Jan, Noelene, Betsy and Rosemary make up the audience. Rosemary is checking a magazine article on the subject.

Final touches to make sure the gaps are filled.

What would we do without plastic wrap?

Keeping the moisture in and the air out

Two very long "sausage rolls"

One at a time they are folded into a plastic container

. . . and "cooked" in a specially designated microwave oven

Has this had enough heat?

Looking very promising

Unwrapping and rinsing

Two warps = completely different

Joan's apron tells the sad tale of Adeline McGlory who fell into the dyepot. Fortunately no untoward incidents marred this day and all lived to tell the tale. We look forward to seeing these scarf warps when they are woven.

Saturday, 24 February 2018

February Meeting 2018 Show and Tell

Rosemary's wall hanging brought a smile to our faces. However, the chocolates were not true to label!

Win's blanket was woven in hand dyed washable merino wool.

This cushion of Win's was on the topic for the day - painted warp.

The back of the cushion is more subtle.

Big and bold in Canterbury colours, this blanket just off Win's loom will be even more scrumptious when it is washed.
Chris employed a couple of techniques to add an extra zing to her blanket. She used a fine red tabby between the twill picks, and she finished the selvedges with a chain loop edge.

Rose wove this fine wool fabric and had it finished before she realised she had an error in the tie-up! It is still useable . . . but what will she make with it?

Perhaps combine it with a commercial fabric for a special garment?

Painted warp photos to come soon.

Monday, 19 February 2018

Heritage Day

Waitangi Day, 6 February. is always Heritage Day at Brayshaw Park, the home (to us) of Bobbin Cottage, known otherwise as Beavertown Hall.  Many groups are housed in the Park and normally meet in their own times and in their own ways, with not much interaction between them. But on Heritage Day all groups are asked to be present and open to the public, preferably with demonstrations of their particular craft. These range from fire engines, trucks and tractors, vintage cars, model boats and railway etc to genealogy, rock and mineral, creative fibre groups and, of course, the Marlborough Museum. Each year the activities seem to grow and the numbers of people coming to investigate grow as well. This year was no exception and I expect the lovely summer weather helped.

Our weaving loom was carried outside and came in for a lot of interest. Here is Alice, enthusiastically trying her hand at weaving.


Thursday, 18 January 2018

Happy New Year

2018 began with a happy gathering at Bobbin Cottage with plenty of suggestions forthcoming for possible projects and meeting topics. It will be "watch this space" many times over if it all happens. Here is the show and tell to start the year.
Pride of place must go to Rosemary for her collection of cottolin teatowels - generous size and looking thick and thirsty, they are destined as a wedding present which I am sure will be appreciated.

Also a special gift, this time for a grandson, is Noelene's cosy-looking blanket.
Win also wove a baby blanket. Hers is in lightweight machine-washable Merino which gives it a lovely drape and a soft handle. Bright and beautiful edges give a modern flair.
Who knew we would see so many blankets in mid-summer?  Betsy brought along her superb model -- lovely to handle and will be a welcome comfort to its recipient when the weather cools off. Well done Betsy and congratulations on that big birthday coming up soon.
 Chris experimented with a ball of multi-coloured singles yarn, not knowing how it would behave. As you can see here, it behaved beautifully - and she still has 23g left from a 100g ball - so Chris says "don't be put off by what seems like expensive yarn."
Another piece from Chris - a serendipity scarf which evolved from the end of a "pass the loom" warp in fine cotton. Chris just happens to have some beads in the perfect colour so it will be interesting to see what happens next.
 Earth, Air, Fire and Water - the elements were the inspiration for this tapestry from Jan. It was entered in the Australia/NZ tapestry exhibition for 2017. This year's topic is "growth" so it will be interesting to see what Jan comes up with this time.
Rose spent some holiday time indulging in lacemaking and enjoyed refurbishing an outdated hat with torchon lace.  Will she ever wear it? 


Friday, 15 December 2017

More from November

One of the challenges members had during the year was to weave something using variegated yarn. It had been mentioned several times during the year but not aggressively promoted. We were surprised how many items were brought to be shown on our final day for the year. Not all of them had been made during the year; some had stood the test of time and come out looking great.

It was a very full meeting with this challenge and the tea towel exchange, but there was a little bit of show and tell squeezed in.

Wendy had been really active and had several of her generous size scarves to show. To date she has worked exclusively with rigid heddles and her output has been prolific and colourful.

Not able to weave at the moment, Jenny was not to be outdone on the teatowel front. She knitted both a teatowel and a dishcloth in linen and says they are really fantastic to use. 
Rose's contribution was a "tree" (complete with bird's nest)  with tatted snowflake (or star) motifs. Everyone present was happy to take one home to put on their Christmas tree.

Festive good wishes to all and happy weaving, or at least weaving planning over the holiday season. What challenges will 2018 bring I wonder.