Thursday, 19 October 2017

October Meeting, Part1

The challenge this month was to show something wearable using two or more techniques in the the same piece.  A combination of weaving and knitting was the first pairing to come to mind but there were others.
It just won't wear out! Win's woven jacket with knitted ribbing and hand made buttons must be at least thirty years old but looks as good as ever.
And Chris's Sherpa Jacket dates from the seventies. Likewise, it is still in great condition and the design is timeless. The braid trim is one of Chris's signature features.
Weaving and felting (or heavy fulling) were combined in Win's scarf. One edge had been warped with undescaled merino and the shrinkage on that side caused the other side to fall into frills.

Another scarf from Win, first woven then dyed and felted in the same process.
This one from Rose is a woven cowl with a crochet edge.

Not hand made, but Jan's jacket would be a superb design to combine weaving with knitting or crochet.
 Tricia had made this piece with ribbons and other fibres machine stitched with dissolvable fabric. After it was washed in made a perfect pocket for her new skirt.
Chris's trendy patched pants were not hand made but again gave ideas for trimming garments with leftover scraps of woven fabric or braids.

There's more to show so look for another post soon.

Sunday, 8 October 2017

September 2017 - Part 2, Show and Tell

Tea towels from Joan - zingy colours, and don't the narrow stripes add class!
Linen table runner from Rose, since sent to the Area Exhibition

Is it Saori? or not? lovely colour and texture from Tricia is destined to be a summer top.

Chris has responded to the President's challenge and spun multiple skeins from different coloured fleece

Multiple luxury yarns in this scarf indicate it was made by Wendy

Watch this space. This scarf is a work in progress.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

September Meeting - Part 1

Honeycomb and Waffle were the weaves chosen as the topic for the day. Very little waffle was in evidence in the show and tell though there were masses of examples in the collection from Cross Country Weavers.
The cell-like texture of this piece evokes both waffle and honeycomb.

CCW has built up a collection of waffle weave samples over the years. On top of the this heap is a nice one from our own Judy Bool. 
We have not seen much honeycomb in our group in recent times but these vibrant cushions of Joan's look as fresh as they did several years ago when she made them.  

Also from Joan, and from even longer ago, this is a sleeve from a jacket, worn and worn and eventually deconstructed. It is a good as ever and would still fit Joan so it may possibly be put back together!
This is the reverse showing the stranding of the pattern weft across the back. Various yarns have been used and even though some have fulled more than others, they all work together.
Two samples from Rose showed double weave honeycomb, so there are no loose strands at the back; they are woven into another layer. The multi-coloured sample is a turned version.
More photos to come in a few days.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Guild Day Show and Tell

We got to have a good look Chris's lovely large soft blanket which incorporates her handspun yarn which has been maturing for some time.

Also from Chris - can't you tell from the colours and the block design. This scarf is a "repeat order" from someone who bought one over a decade ago and liked it enough to order a replacement when it started to get tired.

Felters have been having fun making "neckies". Small but perfectly formed (or ruched, gathered pleated or whatever) they are a quick way to make a fashion statement.

Nancy chose a wider fabric border on her neckie.

Pam demonstrated that there are multiple ways of draping this knitted model.

Betty's scarf came in for a lot of admiration.

These creatures are the product of Pam H attending a class at Festival. They are meant to be monsters but they are far too cute.
Just had to include a pic of this tiny ceramic treasure brought along by Dawn. 

There was much more to see and feel - knitting of all shapes and sizes, lovely bulky hats and tiny baby singlets - what a diverse collection of indeed creative fibre.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

August Guild Day

A wet and gloomy day outside but a cheerful and chatty gathering at Bobbin Cottage. Looking around you might think that wearing a hand made scarf was a condition of entry - but no, it wasn't compulsory, just very colourful and sensible. This post shows the variety with knitting, felting and weaving all represented.

 Apologies for the quality of the photos which were sneakily taken during the meeting. Show and Tell pics will be posted in a few days.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Weavers' July meeting

 The topic for this meeting was teatowels . . . and what a collection we proved to have between us. A couple of hours flew by while we discussed the merits of the various materials, techniques and tricks we found on investigation. Who knew the topic could be so varied and so interesting. There was also a certain amount of reminiscing about previous challenges and exchanges, and remembering friends in different parts of the country and some who are no longer with us. We were also reminded that we have a tea towel exchange at the end of the year so there was plenty of inspiration to start planning for that.

Show and tell was rather sparse and wasn't helped by me forgetting my camera. Thanks to Nancy and her trusty I-pad we do have some photos, first a multi-colour, multi-block crackle weave blanket made by Win. This must surely have been a stash-buster with so many different yarns.

Chris also had a generous-sized throw rug in natural colours with bright flecks making it sing, and a luxurious handspun weft. Chris's family and friends must all be keeping warm during these winter days and nights.

Rose brought along some fine woven linen and also a sample of her lacemaking. The latter consisted of short white and silver lace strips, some of which had been stiffened and shaped into spirals for Christmas decorations - although Joan thought they could be made into earrings!

A "post mortem" on the recent Guild exhibition agreed that it had been a resounding success and several members had made sales.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Handworks 2017

Marlborough Weavers met today at the Yealands Gallery in Blenheim where the Marlborough CF Guild Exhibition "Handworks 2017" is on show along with an exciting 2017 Scarf Expo. This is the first time these events have been held together. Here are the Award winners at the Exhibition.
Creative Fibre Award: Winner Chris Beech's "Palindrome", handspun, hand woven floor rug

Creative Fibre Merit Award: Francey Nicholls' After Dinner Puzzle :Jigsaw", felted placemats and coasters

Creative Fibre Merit Award: Judy Bool's handwoven Silk Shawl for the "Laird's Lady"

Creative Fibre Merit Award: Cherrie Mitchell's "Against the Odds" felted sculpture, a reference to the rising sea levels on the South Island West Coast
First Time Entrant in a Marlborough Exhibition: Winner Marion Wood, "It's Been a Long Day" needle felted alpaca fibre
First Time Entrant in a Marlbrough Exhibition: Merit Award, Carolyn Chapman, Handspun, hand knitted, Merino and Silk
First Time Entrant in a Marlbrough Exhibition: Merit Award, Shirley Thompson "Old School Collar" in vintage style, superfine Merino, silk sliver, vintage silk fabric